Ashten Goodenough

My cousin recommended I join motivate. He said for him it was a safe space to be himself, to workout and better himself without pressure or judgement. I 110% agree. After joining motivate over 3 years ago, I can confidently say it is now my safe space and a place that I go to 1. Workout to achieve my personal goals of being stronger, more confident, leaner, healthier 2. Make friends and surround myself with positive, like-minded, supportive people 3. Just get moving! Even if I REALLY don’t want to.  (Some days I show up with no motivation, tired, feeling down and after getting my body moving, seeing friendly faces and Junior joking around and screaming ‘LET’S GO’, my day immediately turns around for the better

My first impression of Motivate was comfortable and inviting. Of course I was a little nervous because I didn’t know anyone, but not even 5 min into my first class I felt like Junior and everyone there were family. Workout groups, boot camps, whatever you want to call them, can be so intimidating but everyone is at a different stage in their lives, fitness level, have different personal goals and I think this is something that is recognized that makes Motivate stand out from the rest. Not everyone is there to lose weight and get skinny, some people come for their mental health, some people come as a social aspect in their lives, some people come for an escape, or all of the above and I have felt and witnessed that for the entirety of being a member.  Motivate has been my space for all of those things and I know it always will be. 

I have constant ‘bright spots’ at Motivate. I will show up and look at the workout and say to myself ‘there is no F-ing way I will get through this’, but I do, I have never not finished a workout and it just gives me this boost of confidence that I can accomplish and get through anything (personally and professionally). 

You’re not just getting a workout when you come to Motivate, you’re getting a whole community of people who will support you no matter what and (in my experience) that’s really hard to find