Brynn LaFluer

I've been heavy my entire adult life. I have three kids and a fairly sedentary lifestyle. I wasn't really happy with they way I looked of felt, but I had kinda thought I was too old to really do anything about it... and then in June of 2017, I very nearly lost my husband. He had a heart attack while driving, and he was declared dead twice. I have spent a great deal of time caring for him, and for our three children, and my own personal health just plummetted as I tried my best to care for my family, and I just put on more weight.

And actually one of my best friends that asked me to come and try Motivate. He's been coming to Motivate for a while, and he and I have had multiple conversations about weight and fitness. I was pretty resistant at first, but he wore me down after a while.  I'm glad he did. Thanks, Evencio!

But I was very actual afraid that it was going to be too hard, and I would quit in the first week. And yeah, week one was HARD. I have never been so sore in my entire life, my legs were on fire. But I was also really proud of myself for still getting up and coming to work out, and I knew that I wouldn't feel this way forever.

I have a great deal of environmental things that made working out a little difficult. Waking up at 4:30 was definitely hard at first. I do community theater, and we are in the middle of a production right now, so that takes up time as well. And my husband wasn't really on board with this challenge at first, he was worried that I was doing too much. Rising above all of that was hard, but I knew I needed to do this for me. It's the one part of my day that's really for me and my betterment. And I love that.

I remember in my second week, we were doing planks, and I could NOT stay in it. I eventually just fell to the ground and gave up. Junior leaned over me and told me to remember that feeling in a few weeks, because I'd be stronger, and I'd look back and be proud of all the ass I was kicking. Sure enough, about week 5, I found myself in another plank, and held it for a whole 40 seconds.

I have learned that there really is nothing I can't do. I have set my mind to this change, and I'm going to see it through. I'm not a lost cause. I can do this. I AM DOING THIS.

Why start with Motivate? 

Every journey starts with one step. Take that step, man. You'll be accepted. You'll be supported and encouraged. And you'll be better for it.